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# CouchDBX Application Wrapper
Get and compile it. Copy the resulting `couchdbx-core` folder into the top level dir of this project. Launch Xcode and build the app.
## MacRuby version
You need to use the specific XCode target to copy couchdbx-core to your build folder.
If you want to run more than one instance of couchdb, add a new local_<id>.ini file to couchdbx-core/couchdb/etc/couchdb
Don't forget to also create a new folder for the db data and point to it. Here is an example of my local_test.ini file
; CouchDB Configuration Settings
; Custom settings should be made in this file. They will override settings
; in default.ini, but unlike changes made to default.ini, this file won't be
; overwritten on server upgrade.
;max_document_size = 4294967296 ; bytes
port = 5985
;bind_address =
;level = debug
;secret = replace this with a real secret
;directory used to save/load this instance db
database_dir = couchdb_0.10.0/var/lib/mattetti
view_index_dir = couchdb_0.10.0/var/lib/mattetti
;unique notifier name=/full/path/to/exe -with "cmd line arg"
; To create an admin account uncomment the '[admins]' section below and add a
; line in the format 'username = password'. When you next start CouchDB, it
; will change the password to a hash (so that your passwords don't linger
; around in plain-text files). You can add more admin accounts with more
; 'username = password' lines. Don't forget to restart CouchDB after
; changing this.
;admin = mysecretpassword