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require 'uuidtools'
module DataMapper
module Types
# UUID Type
# First run at this, because I need it. A few caveats:
# * Only works on postgres, using the built-in native uuid type.
# To make it work in mysql, you'll have to add a typemap entry to
# the mysql_adapter. I think. I don't have mysql handy, so I'm
# not going to try. For SQLite, this will have to inherit from the
# String primitive
# * Won't accept a random default, because of the namespace clash
# between this and the UUIDtools gem. Also can't set the default
# type to UUID() (postgres-contrib's native generator) and
# automigrate, because auto_migrate! tries to make it a string "UUID()"
# Feel free to enchance this, and delete these caveats when they're fixed.
# -- Rando Sept 25, 08
class UUID < DataMapper::Type
primitive 'UUID'
def self.load(value, property)
return nil if value.nil?
def self.dump(value, property)
return nil if value.nil?
def self.typecast(value, property)
value.kind_of?(::UUID) ? value : load(value, property)
::DataMapper::Property::TYPES << self
if defined? DataMapper::Adapters::PostgresAdapter'UUID')
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