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= FiveRuns TuneUp panel for Merb
== Requirements
* fiveruns_tuneup_core gem
* merb-core >= 0.9.5
* merb-slices >= 0.9.5
== Synopsis
FiveRuns TuneUp for Merb.
See for the announcement.
== Installation
1. Install the gem:
sudo gem install fiveruns_tuneup_merb
2. Add the following to your desired environment file (eg, config/environments/development.rb):
dependency 'fiveruns_tuneup_merb'
3. Run the following in your Merb.root:
rake slices:fiveruns_tuneup_merb:install
4. Add the following to your config/router.rb:
slice FiverunsTuneupMerb
(If you're already mounting other slices with `all_slices' this step isn't necessary.)
5. Start your app!
== Sharing
To enable run sharing on the service, you need to configure the slice with an API key. Create an account at and look at your profile to find your it.
In your environment file (ie, config/environments/development.rb), add the API key:
Merb::BootLoader.before_app_loads do
Merb::Slices.config[:fiveruns_tuneup_merb][:api_key] = 'YOUR-API-KEY'
When you restart your application, a "Share this run" link on the TuneUp panel should appear.
== Supported Browsers
The TuneUp plugin has been tested with the following browsers:
* Firefox 2+
* Safari 3.1+
== Bugs and Feature Requests
Please let us know if you run into any problems with your application or browser. The plugin uses CSS isolation techniques that could interfere with your HTML or CSS code.
You can contact support at
== Contributing
Help us make TuneUp better on Merb by contributing via GitHub.
== License