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A Gitk-like application written in RubyCocoa that looks like it belongs on a Mac. See the wiki for an early screenshot

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# GitNub - A RubyCocoa app for getting quick information for a git repo.  Similar to GitK.
* Gems Required: mime-types
  Other Requirements: Git(duh!), RubyCocoa, Leopard

# Quick Install 
1. Move to /Applications
2. Move (or symlink) nub to /usr/local/bin

# How to Use
In your shell, move to a git directory and invoke `nub`.  You always use this 
helper to invoke the application, otherwise you get nothing.

		$Caged@caged:~/dev/git/gitnub% nub

# Building from Source
1. Open project in Xcode - press Build
2. Doubleclick the nub subproject and repeat step 1.
3. Move the build/Release/ and nub/build/Release/nub to the proper locations 
   specified in the Quick Install directions.
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