retrieve a google user's list of videos using his user id.



A gem that provides access to a google users' videos

$ gem sources -a (you only have to do this once)
$ sudo gem install mattetti-gvideo

      require 'minigems'
    rescue LoadError 
      require 'rubygems'
    require 'gvideo'
    user ="A005148908335059515423")
    videos = user.fetch_videos
or use conditions

   user.fetch_videos(:title => "Durex: The Garden").first
   videos = user.fetch_videos(:title => /Durex/)
   videos = user.fetch_videos(:duration => 120)
   videos = user.fetch_videos(:duration => 60..360)
or finally just retrieve a video by using the docid

Video methods and attributes:

* docid (google video id)
* title (title of the video)
* video_url (google video url to watch the video)
* duration (duration of the video in seconds)
* duration_in_minutes (duration video in minutes)
* thumbnail_url (url of the thumbnail representing the video)
* embed_player (html snippet with the google video player)

Check lib/gvideo.rb for more 

You can find a user's id by using firebug and inspect the call made to "see more videos from a user"
You can also click on one of the videos available from the "see more videos from a user" and click on one of the videos. The url will contain the user id.