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simplified http wrapper for MacRuby/RubyMotion using delegation/ruby block
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cancel the NSURLConnection if the request is redirected and a new con…

…nection needs to be established, this avoids getting two connectionDidFinishLoading calls
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MacRuby HTTP Wrapper

Download helper making file download trivial.

The result of the download can be processed by a block or a delegator. A block will always take precedence over a delegator, meaning that you can't pass a delegator and use a block, you have to choose which approach you want to use. NOTE: in the case of a non blocking download, the delegation block can be called multiple times due to a bug in Cocoa. (or maybe it's an undocumented feature ;)).


url:: url of the resource to download

options:: options used for the query, see +MacRubyHTTP::Query.initialize+ for more details

&block:: block which is called when the file is downloaded


:method:: An optional value which represents the HTTP method to use

:payload:: - data to pass to a POST, PUT, DELETE query.

:delegation:: - class or instance to call when the file is downloaded. the handle_query_response method will be called on the passed object

:save_to:: - path to save the response to

:credential:: - should contains the :user key and :password key By default the credential will be saved for the entire session


:progress :: Proc to call everytime the downloader makes some progress



download("", {:save_to => '~/tmp/'.stringByStandardizingPath}) do |macruby|
  NSLog("file downloaded!")

download "" do |mr|
  # The response object has 3 accessors: status_code, headers and body
  NSLog("status: #{mr.status_code}, Headers: #{mr.headers.inspect}")

path = File.expand_path('~/macruby_tmp.html')
window :frame => [100, 100, 500, 500], :title => "HotCocoa" do |win|
  download "", {:save_to => path} do |homepage|
    win << label(:text => "status code: #{homepage.status_code}", :layout => {:start => false})
    win << label(:text => "Headers: #{homepage.headers.inspect}", :layout => {:start => false})

download "", :delegation => @downloaded_file, :method => 'PUT', :payload => {:name => 'matt aimonetti'}

download "", :delegation => self

download "http://localhost:5984/couchrest-test/", :method => 'POST', :payload => '{"user":"","zip":92129}', :delegation => self

download("", {:credential => {:user => 'me', :password => 's3krit'}}) do |test|
  NSLog("response received: #{test.headers} #{test.status_code}")

# We can also do the same thing but synchronously and block the runloop  
download "", :immediate => true, :save_to => '~/tmp/site.html'.stringByStandardizingPath do |mr|
  p "file downloaded, let's continue"
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