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title: Project Team
created_at: 2009-03-11 11:46:35.667508 -04:00
dirty: true
- erb
<h1 class='title'><%= h(@page.title) %></h1>
<div id="project">
<p>MacRuby is a free software project by Apple Inc. Sources are available under the Ruby license.</p>
<p>Lots of folks contribute to the MacRuby project and this is just a list that will keep on growing.</p>
<h3>Project Members</h3>
<% team_members.sort {|m1, m2| <=>}.each do |member| -%>
<%= render_member(member) %>
<% end -%>
<h3>Special Thanks</h3>
<% kudos.each do |kudo| -%>
<%= render_kudo(kudo) %>
<% end -%>
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