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title: Roadmap
created_at: 2009-03-12 18:37:31.833759 -04:00
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MacRuby Roadmap
Important: this roadmap represents some general guidelines for upcoming releases and doesn't attempt to make any guarantee.
h2. 0.1 (released 2008-03-13)
* First public release.
* Object model is based on the Objective-C runtime.
* Basic Objective-C messaging.
* Can read BridgeSupport files.
* Integration with the Objective-C garbage collector.
h2. 0.2 (released 2008-06-06)
* Rewrite of the String, Array and Hash builtin classes using CoreFoundation.
* Re-implementation of the Ruby interface on the CoreFoundation classes.
* Toll-free bridging between Ruby primitive classes and CoreFoundation.
* Pseudo-stability. Eliminating all discovered GC crashers and memory leaks.
h2. 0.3 (released 2008-09-08)
* Using the Objective-C method dispatcher for pure Ruby method dispatch.
* RubyGems should work.
* IB3 support.
* HotCocoa layer.
* Performance work, should be fast.
h2. 0.4 (released 2009-03-09)
* Threaded GC by default.
* 64-bit support.
* DTrace probes.
* MacRuby Objective-C API, to control the runtime from a pure Objective-C environment.
* Embeddable MacRuby.framework.
* Support for passed-by-reference arguments.
h2. 0.5 (to be released, no release date planned yet)
* Better support for bytestrings.
* Rewrite IO with CoreFoundation.
* New virtual machine based on LLVM.
h2. 0.6 (to be released, no release date planned yet)
* RubyCocoa compatible layer.
* OSA (Open Scripting Architecture) conformance.
* AppleEvent API.