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Table of Contents

+-- {: #intro} Welcome to the Merb Open Source Book. The purpose of this book is simple: to guide beginners and advanced users through the Merb Framework.

In all honesty, this book won't answer all of your questions about Merb or Ruby, let alone cover all of the use cases. However, with the help of the Ruby Community, we will be able to cover most of what you need to use Merb on a daily basis.

If you are learning through this material, or if you already use Merb frequently, please consider helping improve the content of this book. =--

  1. Front Matter
  2. Foreword By Yehuda Katz
  3. Preface by Matt Aimonetti
  4. Contributors
  5. Introduction
  6. Ruby Language
  7. Merb Web Framework
  8. DataMapper ORM
  9. RSpec testing framework
  10. Getting Started
  11. Install Instructions
  12. Generate an application
  13. Project structure
  14. MVC
  15. Controllers
  17. Models
  18. Request path
  19. Router
  20. Interacting with the database (DataMapper)
  21. Setting up the database connection
  22. Database Schema
  23. Database Queries
  24. Model Relationships
  25. Database Migrations
  26. Model Validations
  27. Interacting with the database (Active Record)
  28. Installation and setup
  29. Database Queries
  30. Interacting with the database (Sequel)
  31. Getting Started
  32. Database Migrations
  33. Data Retrieval and Manipulation
  34. Model Associations
  35. Model Validation
  36. Sequel Plugins
  37. Testing your application
  38. Why test
  39. Testing your models
  40. Testing your requests
  41. Integration testing with Cucumber
  42. Merb More
  43. Authentication
  44. Mailer
  45. Caching
  46. Exceptions
  47. Slices
  48. Recipes
  49. Simple Blog
  50. Building a Blog Slice
  51. Deployment
  52. Passenger
  53. nginx
  54. JRuby and Glassfish
  55. Bundling your Merb application

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{: #appendices}