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Chapter Contents

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This page describes what goes in each chapter, and hopefully provides a place to discuss where topic fit.

Where does it go?

  • Resources – use and generation
  • Using ORMs other than DataMapper
  • Rake/Thor – built in tasks/ making you own
  • Rack – and MiddleWare
  • How to use the API Documentation

Current contents

1. Front Matter

1. Foreword By Yehuda Katz

2. Preface by Matt Aimonetti

3. Contributors

2. Introduction

1. Ruby Language

2. Merb Web Framework

3. DataMapper ORM

4. RSpec testing framework

3. Getting Started

1. Install Instructions

2. Generate an application

A description of each of the generated forms and when to use them.

3. Project structure

Q. Do we describe the structure of each of the generated forms or just the full structure?

4. MVC

A general overview of the MVC framework and why it is useful. Contains basic descriptions of each part and some advice on best practices.

5. Controllers

A look at how Merb deals with controllers. What to put there and what not to. How to interact with models. Setting up the environment for views. How to use information about the request. How Merb generates the response, including layouts and status codes. How to use the generators. Examples


What views are. What to put in them and what not to. Introduction to both eRB and Haml which should each have their own more complete chapter. How Merb picks a view and layout. Using instance variable to pass data from controllers to views. How to use the generators. Examples

7. Models

What models are. Breadth of possibilities. Options for ORM and SQL. Basics of setting up a model with DataMapper(?). How to use the generators. Examples

Q. What goes here and what goes in Chapter 4?

Q. Do things like presenter classes belong a)here, b)in their own chapter, c) not in this book?

8. Request path

9. Router

4. Interacting with the database

1. Setting up the database connection

2. Database Schema

3. Database Queries

4. Model Relationships

5. Database Migrations

6. Model Validations

5. Testing your application

1. Why test

2. Testing your models

3. Testing your requests

4. Integration testing with RSpec Cucumber

6. Merb More

1. Authentication

2. Mailer

3. Caching

4. Exceptions

5. Slices

7. Recipes

1. Simple Blog

2. Building a Blog Slice

8. Deployment

1. Passenger

2. nginx

3. JRuby and Glassfish

4. Bundling your Merb application

* Appendix

1. Hints/Tips

2. Available Slices

3. Useful Gems