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Step by Step app testing

The goal of this little app is really simple: test each step leading you to the creation of a Merb app.

Each step is wrapped in a different git branch to help with debugging and so people can learn from a step by step generated app.


    $ thor app:generate optional_app_name

The task above will execute the main scenario and generate our test app using all the steps defined in its scenario.


The defaults steps are available in the steps folder, you can add more steps in the same folder or create your own folder and load your steps:

    my_steps = Dir["#{Dir.pwd}/steps/**.rb"]
    puts "loading #{my_steps.size} steps of my own"
    my_steps.each { |file| require file }

If you create a new scenario/task don't forget to specify the app name:

    Step.app_name = app_name

To call a step, simply do:

    step :step_name

You can prepend your step by "preinit_" to let the step by step tester know that you want to run the task before doing the git init. Add "git_init" to the end of your task to kick the git init task.

Define a step:

Steps are just methods inside a Step module. Here is an example of a step:

    module Step
      def migrate_db
        puts " > automigrating the database"
        Dir.chdir(path) do
          `rake db:automigrate MERB_ENV=test`

Available methods:

    path (path to the generated app)
    name (name of the generated app)
    gsub_file (replaces part of a file based on a regexp)

Here is an example of how to use gsub_file:

sentinel = "<%#= message[:notice] %>"
layout_file = "#{path}/app/views/layout/application.html.erb"
gsub_file layout_file, /(#{Regexp.escape(sentinel)})/mi do |match|

<%= message[:notice] %> <%= message[:error] %> RUBY end

the sentinel is what we are trying to match in the file, layout_file is the file we want to edit and finally we pass a block to replace the matched selection.

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