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Plex Web Client

Build Dependencies

Installing Build Dependencies

  1. Install node.js

    brew install node

    Alternatively you can also download the respective package installer from node's website.

  2. Install node depencencies

    From the project repository root:

    npm install .

Build Process

  1. Run build script


  2. Run web server

    node server.js

  3. Navigate to localhost:3000

Heroku Environment

  1. Install Heroku Toolbelt (

  2. Log into Heroku

    heroku login

  3. Add your ssh public key to Heroku

    heroku keys:add

  4. Add Heroku as a remote to your git repository

    git remote add heroku

  5. Application can be tested locally in a Heroku environment

    echo "NODE_ENV=production" > .env or echo "NODE_ENV=development" > .env

    foreman start

  6. Navigate to localhost:5000

  7. Deploy application on Heroku

    git push heroku master

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