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Commits on Jul 2, 2009
  1. @enebo
Commits on Jul 1, 2009
  1. @runpaint
  2. @runpaint
  3. @runpaint
  4. @runpaint
  5. @runpaint

    Complex#%: Share btw. 1.8 (lib) and 1.9 (core)

    runpaint committed
    Note: 1.9's #% doesn't actually work; bug #1712 has been filed to determine
    whether this is intentional.
  6. @runpaint
  7. @runpaint
  8. @runpaint
  9. @runpaint
  10. @runpaint
  11. @runpaint
  12. @runpaint
  13. @runpaint
  14. @runpaint
  15. @runpaint
  16. @runpaint
  17. @runpaint
  18. @runpaint
  19. @runpaint
  20. @alloy
  21. @alloy

    Tagged hanging examples on 1.9

    alloy committed
  22. @alloy

    Fixed my Encoding#find example.

    alloy committed
  23. @alloy

    Fixed bug in spec.

    alloy committed
  24. @alloy
  25. @alloy

    Added example of ObjectSpace#each_object with classes.

    alloy committed
    Various cleanups.
  26. @alloy

    Kernel#eval can be aliased.

    alloy committed
    Marked an example as not compliant on MacRuby, floats are the same objects.
  27. @alloy
  28. @alloy

    File#expand_path expands with a reltive path from HOME as the second …

    alloy committed
    Marked a File#expand_path example as not compliant on MacRuby.
    Some small spelling fixes.
  29. @alloy

    Encoding#find coerces object with #to_str.

    alloy committed
    Various style fixes.
  30. @alloy

    Fixed a few examples in the Bignum comparison spec.

    Patrick Thomson committed with alloy
    Signed-off-by: Eloy Duran <>
  31. @alloy

    Updated and added a few specs in ./language/ for 1.9.

    alloy committed
    No idea why ./language/for_spec.rb was commented...?
  32. @headius
  33. @runpaint
  34. @runpaint

    TODO: Spec Ripper.

    runpaint committed
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