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Commits on Jul 2, 2009
  1. Thomas E Enebo
Commits on Jul 1, 2009
  1. runpaint
  2. runpaint
  3. runpaint
  4. runpaint
  5. runpaint

    Complex#%: Share btw. 1.8 (lib) and 1.9 (core)

    runpaint authored
    Note: 1.9's #% doesn't actually work; bug #1712 has been filed to determine
    whether this is intentional.
  6. runpaint
  7. runpaint
  8. runpaint
  9. runpaint
  10. runpaint
  11. runpaint
  12. runpaint
  13. runpaint
  14. runpaint
  15. runpaint
  16. runpaint
  17. runpaint
  18. runpaint
  19. runpaint
  20. Eloy Durán
  21. Eloy Durán

    Tagged hanging examples on 1.9

    alloy authored
  22. Eloy Durán

    Fixed my Encoding#find example.

    alloy authored
  23. Eloy Durán

    Fixed bug in spec.

    alloy authored
  24. Eloy Durán
  25. Eloy Durán

    Added example of ObjectSpace#each_object with classes.

    alloy authored
    Various cleanups.
  26. Eloy Durán

    Kernel#eval can be aliased.

    alloy authored
    Marked an example as not compliant on MacRuby, floats are the same objects.
  27. Eloy Durán
  28. Eloy Durán

    File#expand_path expands with a reltive path from HOME as the second …

    alloy authored
    Marked a File#expand_path example as not compliant on MacRuby.
    Some small spelling fixes.
  29. Eloy Durán

    Encoding#find coerces object with #to_str.

    alloy authored
    Various style fixes.
  30. Eloy Durán

    Fixed a few examples in the Bignum comparison spec.

    Patrick Thomson authored alloy committed
    Signed-off-by: Eloy Duran <>
  31. Eloy Durán

    Updated and added a few specs in ./language/ for 1.9.

    alloy authored
    No idea why ./language/for_spec.rb was commented...?
  32. Charles Oliver Nutter
  33. runpaint
  34. runpaint

    TODO: Spec Ripper.

    runpaint authored
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