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SWX Ruby: SWX on Rails Plugin Beta 0.5
SWX on Rails will look for your service classes in RAILS_ROOT/app/services.
Simply create standard Ruby classes and drop them in this folder. Service classes
are composed of instance methods. SWX on Rails will instantiate your service
class, call the specified method, and send the response back to the Flash Player.
Take a peek at app/services/hello_world.rb for a working service class example.
Alright, alright, I'll just show it to you here:
# hello_world.rb----------------------------------------
# Class and method names follow standard Ruby convention
class HelloWorld
# Service class methods are instance methods.
def just_say_the_words
'Hello World!'
Here's a Moo card-esque example to call HelloWorld#just_say_the_words from the
Flash Player (place a MovieClip on stage with an instance name of 'loader' and
fire up your development server):
loader.serviceClass = "HelloWorld";
// Method names follow ActionScript convention
// (converted to underscored server-side)
loader.method = "justSayTheWords";
loader.debug = true;
loader.loadMovie("http://localhost:3000/swx", "POST");
function onEnterFrame() {
// Will output 'Hello World!' once the SWX file is loaded.
When you're ready for some robust ActionScript trickery, head to to grab the SWX ActionScript library.
Oh yeah, you may return ActiveRecord objects from your service classes;
SWX on Rails will happily serialize them for you. Go ahead, give it a try!
SWX on Rails is beta and may break, throw its toys, eat your
firstborn child, etc.
Please post bug reports/suggestions to
Full-featured tracker coming soon.
NOTE: You may notice some Security Sandbox Violations when testing the example
above in the Flash IDE. Rest assured, this is OK. Visit for further explanation.