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Create sexy patterns with simply a string
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Create beautiful patterns using native CoreGraphics.

This is a port of Jason Long's GeoPattern, originally written in Ruby to use SVGs. As SVGs require external support in Cocoa projects, this version uses CoreGraphics. GeoPattern just creates a sexy view. Since it's just a UIView, it can be used nearly anywhere.





Using Cocoapods.

pod 'GeoPattern', ~> 1.0.3

Otherwise, copy the GeoPattern folder into your project and include the Security framework in your project build.


You simply need to import GeoPattern.h and you're good to go.

You can create a GeoPatternView using storyboard or by initializing a new one. There are really only two methods.

To simply generate a pattern based off of a string:

generateWithString: (NSString *) string

to generate a pattern based on a string using preset options.

generateWithString: (NSString *) string andOptions: (NSDictionary*) options


  • kGeoPatternColor: UIColor, the exact background color
  • kGeoPatternBaseColor : UIColor to be edited by the algorithm. Hue and saturation are modified based on the input stirng.
  • kGeoPatternType - the type of pattern of you want to use. (see list below)

Pattern Types

This includes all of the patterns from the original project. Each pattern is accessed with an enum. To generate a GeoPatternView using a specific type of pattern, just add the key to the options parameter.

GeoPatternView *view = [[GeoPatternView alloc] initWithFrame....];

NSDictionary * options = @{
      kGeoPatternType: [NSNumber numberWithInteger: GeoPatternXes,
      kGeoPatternColor: [UIColor redColor]

[view generateFromString: @"Matthew" withOptions: options;]
  • Octogons => GeoPatternOctogons
  • Overlappingcircles => GeoPatternOverlappingcircles
  • Plussigns => GeoPatternPlussigns
  • Xes => GeoPatternXes
  • Sinewaves => GeoPatternSinewaves
  • Hexagons => GeoPatternHexagons
  • Overlappingrings => GeoPatternOverlappingrings
  • Plaid => GeoPatternPlaid
  • Triangles => GeoPatternTriangles
  • Squares => GeoPatternSquares
  • Concentriccircles => GeoPatternConcentriccircles
  • Diamonds => GeoPatternDiamonds
  • Tessellation => GeoPatternTessellation
  • Nestedsquares => GeoPatternNestedsquares
  • Mosaicsquares => GeoPatternMosaicsquares
  • Chevrons => GeoPatternChevrons
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