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Device-independent library for working with depth cameras, recording, playback, and streaming remotely

This is a work in progress! It's half-done (at best), so some stuff isn't implemented yes and the rest probably doesn't work :) Send a note if you're curious what this is about or want to help. More info coming soon.

Update! Read this!

Look in this other branch --> refactor! I have a significant rewrite that is mostly done, though I haven't been able to test everything as much as I'd like before considering it worthy of merging back to master. I think it's a much better architecture, and if you're using (or just looking!) at this addon at all, you should check that out. The instructions are somewhat out of date, but the example project should be a good starting point. Open an issue if you're having trouble or have questions!


There are a lot of addons for using the Kinect & openFrameworks. Recently I've been working with the KinectV2 on Windows, and ended up looking into, modifying, and sometimes rewriting these addons to work with ofxKinectForWindows2, or with ofxMultiKinectV2 on Mac. Many of these addons don't use camera- or SDK-specific features – they are just using the depth & color images, and the registration between them.

With so many depth cameras available now, separating the functionality of useful addons from the dependency of a specific camera or platform, and providing a consistent API to get needed data from the camera, seemed like a Very Good Idea. After all, isn't that what openFrameworks is about? There are already many different implementations of things encapsulated within consistent interfaces in ofVideoPlayer, ofSoundPlayer, etc.

On top of that, being able to easily & seamlessly use multiple cameras together, record and play back in sync, and utilize directly-connected or remote cameras (on a different computer on the same LAN), is very attractive. And so this addon was born.

More thoughts are articulated in this openFrameworks forum post.


As mentioned, this is a work in progress, so hopefully this process gets simplified over time.

Clone this addon, and then clone the dependencies which are set up as submodules. The dependencies include ofxImageSequence, ofxImageSequencePlayback, and ofxImageSequenceRecorder, which I've templated to work with various types of ofPixels (including ofShortPixels needed for the 16-bit depth data):

git clone
cd ofxDepthCamera
git submodule update --init

You will also need either ofxLibwebsockets or ofxZmq if you are planning to use a remotely-connected camera and are streaming its data over the network:

git clone
git clone --branch vs2015-x64-precompiled-libs


Use the projectGenerator to create a new project. As addons, select ofxDepthCamera and the standalone addon for the camera you're interested in using, i.e. ofxKinect, ofxKinectForWindows2, etc. If you plan on streaming data from a remote camera, also add either ofxLibwebsockets or ofxZmq.

Open your new project, and add the adapter for the camera you're using to your project. For example, if you're using a Kinect v1 device, add the header & source files for ofxDepthCameraKinect.

If you are using a remote camera, also be sure to enable the streaming method you prefer by enabling the proper #define at the top of ofxDepthCameraSender.h and ofxDepthCameraReceiver.h


There is an example project which demonstrates switching between live playback, recording, playing recorded data (with folder drag & drop support), and streaming from a remote camera. To send data from a remote computer with a camera attached, use the example-sender project. You can switch between ofxLibwebsockets and ofxZmq with a #define in ofxDepthCameraSender.h


Device-independent library for working with multiple depth cameras, recording, playback, and streaming remotely






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