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A digital synthesizer platform for Android. Currently on the Play Store at version 2.0 Buffalo. A primitive Mac version exists as well.
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Inspired by the Korg Kaossilator and the Moog synthesizer, Saucillator transforms mobile devices into a platform for creating and playing digital synthesizers. It uses the touchscreen to manipulate oscillators and effects, and it also allows for live-looping and recording.

Users are able to create their own instruments, which consist of a custom timbre and user-defined effects. A small variety of timbres are included: Sine, Square, Saw, Pulse, Noise (white)*, Theremin, "Singing Saw", "Electric Eel", and "Starslide." These, as well as any user-created instruments, can be mixed and matched at different harmonics, amplitudes, and phases to create custom sounds.

Each synth has customizable effect parameters as well, including Envelope (attack & release), LFO (rate & depth), Delay (rate & decay), and Note Lag.

On top of creating alien instruments, you can also play them using the x-y axes of yr touchscreen. The x-axis corresponds to amplitude (volume) and the y-axis corresponds to frequency (pitch). Playback can also be looped, recorded, and EQed using a Parametric EQ.

Other abilities

  • Choose scale: Pentatonic, Major, Minor, Blues, or Chromatic
  • Choose the base note for the pad.
  • Control the grid size.
  • Record to the SD card.
  • Toggle visualizations. More to come here.

Permissions Needed

  • SD card access: for saving instruments and recordings.
  • Vibration: For haptic feedback.

Special Thanks

Saucillator 2.0 Buffalo. I think it's the sauce, boss!

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