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NSIS mode for editing NSIS files
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Matthew L. Fidler

Library Information

nsis-mode.el --- NSIS-mode

  • Filename -- nsis-mode.el
  • Description -- NSIS mode
  • Author -- Matthew L. Fidler
  • Maintainer -- Matthew L. Fidler
  • Created -- Tue Nov 16 15:48:02 2010 (-0600)
  • Version -- 0.45
  • Last-Updated -- Wed May 23 10:15:50 2013 (+0100)
  • By -- Jan T. Sott
  • Update # -- 1479
  • URL -- http:__github.com_mlf176f2_nsis-mode
  • Keywords -- NSIS
  • Compatibility -- Emacs 23.2

Possible Dependencies


A major mode for editing nsis files


If you're using use-package you can add this to your init file:

(use-package nsis-mode)

That's all!

Else you can install nsis-mode from Melpa via M-x package-install, then add the following to your Emacs:

(autoload 'nsis-mode "nsis-mode" "NSIS mode" t)

(setq auto-mode-alist (append '(("\.[Nn][Ss][HhIi]\'" . nsis-mode)) auto-mode-alist))


  • 23-May-2018 -- Added new commands added since NSIS 3.0, added missing control keywords. (Jan T. Sott)
  • 08-Jul-2013 -- Added new NSIS 3.0a0 commands, sorted command list. (Jan T. Sott)
  • 20-Aug-2012 -- Added nsis-indent-level to allow customization of indentation. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 08-Jun-2012 -- Changed _ to syntax class (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 16-May-2012 -- Added label indentation support for labels of the form "label_${ONE}:" (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 16-May-2012 -- Fixed random hang (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 16-May-2012 -- Attempted to fix random hangs. It could be due to indentation infinite loop, so made sure (bobp) is always checked at the beginning of the line. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 01-Mar-2012 -- Added website. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 01-Mar-2012 -- Bug fix for syntax table. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 19-Dec-2011 -- Looks for makensis if can't find in program files. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 19-Dec-2011 -- Added .nsi and .nsh autoload (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 07-Feb-2011 -- Added check to make sure compile went OK before launching executable. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 25-Jan-2011 -- Added more explicit setup instructions (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 06-Dec-2010 -- Changed comment start and comment stop to single line semi-colons (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 06-Dec-2010 -- Made nsis-yas-description not depend on finding MUI
        BEGIN. If MUI<_ul>DESCRIPTION_TEXT is found, insert there. (Matthew L. Fidler)
      • 06-Dec-2010 -- Updated indentation line function (bug-fix) (Matthew L. Fidler)
      • 23-Nov-2010 -- Macros that end with END or BEGIN are indentation keywords. (Matthew L. Fidler)
      • 23-Nov-2010 -- Changed indentation routine (bugfix) ()
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