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org-mode and outlook integration.
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Matthew L. Fidler

Library Information

org-outlook.el --- Outlook org

  • Filename -- org-outlook.el Description:
  • Author -- Matthew L. Fidler Maintainer:
  • Created -- Mon May 10 09:44:59 2010 (-0500)
  • Version -- 0.12
  • Last-Updated -- Tue May 29 22:21:06 2012 (-0500)
  • By -- Matthew L. Fidler
  • Update # -- 166
  • URL -- https:__github.com_mlf176f2_org-outlook.el
  • Keywords -- Org-outlook Compatibility:


Org mode lets you organize your tasks. However, sometimes you may wish to integrate org-mode with outlook since your company forces you to use Microsoft Outlook. org-outlook.el allows:

  • Creating Tasks from outlook items:

    • org-outlook-task. All selected items in outlook will be added to a task-list at current point. This version requires org-protocol and
      org-protocol.vbs. The org-protocol.vbs has can be generated with the interactive function org-outlook-create-vbs.

    • If your organization has blocked all macro access OR you want to have an action for a saved .msg email, org-outlook also adds drag and drop support allowing .msg files to become org tasks. This is enabled by default, but can be disabled by org-outlook-no-dnd

    • With blocked emails, you may wish to delete the emails in a folder after the task is completed. This can be accomplished with org-protocol-delete-msgs. If you use it frequently, you may wish to bind it to a key, like

    (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "C-c d") 'org-protocol-delete-msgs)

  • Open Outlook Links in org-mode

    • Requires org-outlook-location to be customized when using Outlook 2007 (this way you don’t have to edit the registry).

This is based loosely on: http:__superuser.com_questions_71786/can-i-create-a-link-to-a-specific-email-message-in-outlook

Note that you may also add tasks using visual basic directly. The script below performs the following actions:

  • Move email to Personal Folders under folder "@ActionTasks" (changes GUID)
  • Create a org-mode task under heading "* Tasks" for the file f:\Documents\org\
  • Note by replacing "@ActionTasks", "* Tasks" and f:\Documents\org\ you can modify this script to your personal needs.

The visual basic script for outlook can be created by calling M-x org-outlook-create-vbs


7-Aug-2014 Matthew L. Fidler
Last-Updated: Tue May 29 22:21:06 2012 (-0500) #166 (Matthew L. Fidler) Add autoload cookie for org-outlook-enable-msg-dnd 1-Jul-2014 Matthew L. Fidler
Last-Updated: Tue May 29 22:21:06 2012 (-0500) #166 (Matthew L. Fidler) Add delete msg files support

  • 24-Jun-2014 -- Bugfix for Drag and Drop Support (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 24-Jun-2014 -- Add Drag and drop support for tasks (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 12-Dec-2012 -- Updated Visual Basic Script to be more robust, and have more options. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 07-Dec-2012 -- Should fix Issue #1. Also added org-outlook-create-vbs to create the VBS code based on a user's setup. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 26-May-2012 -- Added (require 'cl), Thanks Robert Pluim (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 21-Feb-2012 -- Bug fix for opening files. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 21-Feb-2012 -- Bug fix. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 13-Dec-2011 -- Added more autoload cookies. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 08-Apr-2011 -- Added some autoload cookies. (US041375)
  • 15-Feb-2011 -- Changed outlook-org to org-outlook.el (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 11-Jan-2011 -- Finalized interface with org-protocol (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • 05-Jan-2011 -- Removed outlook copy. I only use from outlook now. (Matthew L. Fidler)
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