Green sent line and Sent Love notification box not reflecting the same info (way off base) #30

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mattfortnow commented Dec 6, 2012

I sent love and the green line went all the way to Europe, but the Sent Love notification box said I sent love to someone in Cambridge, MA, US.

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mattfortnow commented Dec 7, 2012

I also just sent love to someone in East Hanover, NJ, US, but the green line went to the Chicago area. I think I figured out what might be going on. The person (my niece) originally requested love while she was in East Hanover, NJ, but has since gone back home to Chicago. So, when the request was filled, the green line went to Chicago, but the notification box said East Hanover, NJ. The green line and the notification box should indicate the same place, so I suggest either:

a) have the green line go to East Hanover, NJ, where the original love request was made, or
b) have the notice indicate that love was sent to Chicago, IL, US (the current location of the phone when the request is filled).

Option b) makes more sense, because that's where the love is actually being sent (where the person actually is), but I'm ok with either one, so long as the green line and the notification box are consistent.


mattfortnow commented Dec 8, 2012

Still happening in 2074.1.


moyoinc commented Dec 9, 2012

Cristian, would you mind looking into this. I don't understand how this could happen.


christielepage commented Dec 10, 2012

This has been updated to have the request line location and location name to always match. Though since all the testing since then has been in fixed locations, hasn't been visually verified, yet should be complete as far as the logic is concerned.


christielepage commented Dec 11, 2012

To further elaborate. The issue was resolved by having the location name and line drawn to match the location the user initiated the request. For example, if the user requested in New Jersey, then traveled to Chicago and received notification of receiving love while now physically in Chicago, the red line would be drawn to their original location of New Jersey. And for the sender, their green line would be drawn to New Jersey and the location name would also reflect their love was sent to New Jersey.

We'll note that having the method (b) purposed by Matt in the above comments was preferred and will be kept in mind to be included in a future update if desired.

mattfortnow reopened this Dec 30, 2012


mattfortnow commented Dec 30, 2012

Implement option (b) above.

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