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Love Powerup is an app to spread love and show the impact it has by real time, location based feedback. The application has many benefits that compliments the core message but the major one is the fact that people can easily use it wherever they are to send love to a specific cause that is relevant...

... For example, if I am a supporter of company efficiency, I could choose to send love for that cause (that someone has established), and is not related to where I send love. It's simply a "dedication" to the love I send, relevant to what's happening NOW.

Usability I propose that we spend some efforts on usability improvements as soon as possible. Based on personal experience (and some validation through testing) I have discovered some flags that I think may have a negative impact unless they are addressed. The priority at this point is not to add anything but to tighten up the flow and offer a very small but intuitive and focused first time experience with a positive outcome.

Recommended Approach

  1. Session
  2. Execution
  3. Test


Instead of the popup appearing so large, why don't we display a little heart flying to the top bar to indicate that you did something. At the same time we display in little indicator icon together with a standard application icon to display that you have unread messages. That means no interruption in the app, as well as no big banners that you have to click on to close.

Popups - A different issue is that your popups gather into stacks / layers of things you have to tap on to get rid of. This is probably the most common issue with users / software.

The hart interaction is most definitely too difficult to understand / use. It doesn't respond according to user input (sometimes i press the screen and the application doesn't respond (at least i don't feel instant response). We could improve this substantially by allowing a user to simply flick the heart in a direction (up or down).

Instructions are too complex. We could fix this by simply displaying a really cool image of Jimy Hendrix and his quote.

Users would get more information when they are on the main screen. The rest of the tutorial should be displayed as the user experiences the application. See next bullet.

Right now there are a lot of things happening on the main screen which confuses the user a lot.

  • Arcs of paths displaying something (but yet unknown to the user). No indication of why they are there and what's actually happening.

  • A pulsating heart (which nobody knows why its there and what to do with it)

  • A world map that you can scroll with a "heat map" which people don't understand. This world you see, you can by the not interact with aside from scrolling it left and right.

Total love sent box is way too big. If we're keeping the pulsating heart, I suggest we put the total love sent in the center of the pulsating heart as it disappears.

The map is way too intense and it takes too much attention from the actions you can perform as a user.

The heat map color is off. We need to make it more in alignment with the overall layout of the UI. This off course depends on what we do with that map.

Remove the 1up from the heart. Nobody should see 1up before one has actually happened. It kills the message of the app. It should appear only when love has been given.

My love needs more understanding from a user perspective. It's not enough to see points and love sent/received digits. We need to display how the user actually changed or affected something. It has to be a page contributed to the individual, and secondly his network of like minds. I don't have any immediate ideas here but a brainstorm with our already noted ideas would be great.

My love page needs to be more about taps (in specific locations). We need to make it obvious to look and interact with functions. For example achievements would be very appropriate. Responses from anonymous people would be another great thing to consider.

The menu icons are extremely difficult to understand. There should only be one info/help/settings icon (which is the user). The options should be "me", "friends", "goals", "info". The info should have "vision/purpose, help".

There should be an indicator of the fact that you have asked for love. Right now, there is no indication "aside from the popup" which is annoying. The heart could change color, or it could be broken, or something like that.

Feature recommendation: There should be a way to send an image or message as to your reason to send love. This could be as simple as a mood icon (showing how you're feeling and what you're doing). It could also be generic such as a text message, but that would be harder to track and use fun statistics of. A drunk emoticon from a country at a time, from a specific person would mean more to us than a text message (because we cannot interpret it efficiently).

Twitter and Facebook sharing should be completely redesigned. They should not be used to display every time a user actually performed an action within the app (because its so trivial), but actually display an accomplishment towards the bigger picture (Jimi Hendrix).

Stats Suggestions:

  1. How many countries have you powered up

  2. Top lists: Country, submissions, requests

    3.1 All times, Monthly, Yearly, Weekly, Daily, Gender

  3. Love spreader. Calculated loves based on how many people you invite and that sends love

  4. What is the average of users compared to you

  5. Achivements (individual and location based like country, etc.)