A matlab toolkit for interpolating scattered data in interesting ways.
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MATLAB Multivariate Interpolation Toolbox

This toolbox contains code for 2D multivariate interpolation in MATLAB.


  • Adaptive Normalised Convolution (ANC)
  • Radial Basis Function Interpolation (RBF)
  • Kriging
  • Natural Neighbour Interpolation

Unless otherwise stated, all code is Copyright Matt Foster ee1mpf@bath.ac.uk


Some functions require MEX functions to built. To compile all of the necessary Makefiles in UNIX, type make. Some of the Makefiles may require alterations for your system, however, provided you have a complete build environment, and the binaries mex and mexext are available, the process should be fairly simple. You should then find a directory named toolkit. Copy this directory somewhere in your MATLAB work area, and finally, from within MATLAB, issue the command:


It is not necessary to use genpath, or include the private directory


With the exception of ANC, which interpolates onto matrices, all of the functions provided have prototypes of the following form:

[xx, yy, zz] = function(xi, yi, zi, xx, yy, [optional args])

or more simply

zz = function(xi, yi, zi, xx, yy, [optional args])

The help within the various functions gives more information on the input and output arguments. For example, issuing the command:

help rbf

Will print the built in help for the RBF interpolation command.

Running the command:

help interpolation_toolkit

Where interpolation_toolkit is the directory name, will give basic help for the toolkit, including some usage instructions.


ANC operates using matrices, and requires arguments of the following form:

out = adaptiveNC(si, cm, [optional args])

Full help is available within the m-file.


Please report bugs to Matt Foster ee1mpf@bath.ac.uk


Moved from local SVN to GitHub: 20090120