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Nav bar in detail view initially displays too thick until orientation change #19

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The scenario: An MGSplitViewController subclass is the root controller of a UINavigationController.
The master view contains a navigation controller as is typical.

In this scenario. Then the view is initially displayed, the nav bar within the master view is drawn too thick, approx. 10 pixels too much. If the physical orientation of the device is changed, it is redrawn properly.

This implies that there is still some communication lacking from MGSplitViewController to the contained nav controller.


I have noticed this too. Both my master and detail view are UINavigationControllers.

On launch, the bottoms of both toolbars in the master and detail view extend past the bottom of the screen by the height of the status bar. The navigation bar of the detail view extends an extra toolbar length, but the master navigation bar is fine.

The main views seem unaffected. The detail view is cut off on top by the lowered navigation bar and leaves a space at the bottom because of the lowered toolbar, but the view itself is where it should be.

Upon rotating, the top fixes itself, but the bottom of both toolbars still extend past the bottom of the screen.


I, too, am seeing the same problem with my navigation bar on the detail view. The problem occurs with both iOS 3.2 and 4.2. Does anyone have a solution or work-around for this?

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