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Custom Navigation Bar issue in the RootViewController #36

mikesilvers opened this Issue Mar 11, 2011 · 2 comments

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I am trying to modify the background color of the navigation bar. The problem I am running into is that the color change only occurs up to where a UISplitViewController would end. The remaining section of the navigation bar os the default color. Here is how I am changing the color:
// the darker tint
float rd = 157.00/255.00;
float gr = 140.00/255.00;
float bl = 114.00/255.00;

// this creates the gradiant
CAGradientLayer *gradient = [CAGradientLayer layer];
gradient.frame = self.navigationController.navigationBar.bounds;
gradient.colors = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: (id)[[UIColor whiteColor] CGColor], (id)[[UIColor colorWithRed:rd green:gr blue:bl alpha:1] CGColor], nil ];
[self.navigationController.navigationBar.layer insertSublayer:gradient atIndex:0];
sharmaji commented Jun 9, 2012

I too getting the same problem. Did you get any solution on this?? Kindly let me know as well.
Thanks in advance.


I was not able to look anymore at this.

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