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Appeals Clang, adds functionality to toggle popover from the bar button #32

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evadne commented Jan 9, 2011

Please kindly review these commits. Thanks!

Evadne Wu added some commits Nov 16, 2010
Evadne Wu Ignores various OS X noise 2550c48
Evadne Wu fixes a null initial value bug 7b95f05
Evadne Wu Assigns default values to leadingCorners, trailingCorners so Clang is…
… happy
Evadne Wu Allows toggling the popover from the bar button.
in MGSplitViewController
adds property (BOOL) togglesMasterPopover.
adds internal -toggleMasterPopover:, -hideMasterPopover:.

in MGSplitViewControllerDelegate 
adds -splitViewController:popoverController:willDismissViewController:
Evadne Wu revises several no-initial-value-for-synthesized-property issues as r…
…eported by Clang, fixes leaks
Evadne Wu non-synthesized-by-default bugfix 316aad9
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