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Hi, XCode 4.2 gave me a warning whenever we compiled due to the datatype being NSObject. I changed it to UIViewController to satisfy the compiler.

amiel and others added some commits Apr 29, 2011
@amiel amiel hide popover when the barbuttonitem is pressed and the popver is alre…
…ady visible
Magnus Olsson Changed type from NSObject to UIViewController to remove compiler
Magnus Olsson Merge git:// 7b0b155
@niklasj niklasj Fixes crash when returning from a modal view.
When run from viewWillAppear the removed line caused an exception and
@niklasj niklasj Fix issue where viewWillAppear stops getting called
When rotating from landscape, to portrait, and back to landscape again,
viewWillAppear would stop getting called when changing tab.
@PEZ PEZ Git-ignoring the usual stuff a849e7e
@PEZ PEZ Merge branch 'master' of bc0cf40
@nishant444jain nishant444jain Hide master view if user in portrait mode 18d696e
@nishant444jain nishant444jain Hide master view if user in portrait mode 67dd9ff
@nishant444jain nishant444jain Display master view in popover if its hidden 41ccaef
@Ravi1803 Ravi1803 Changes made for showing the comment view 662868b
@Ravi1803 Ravi1803 Changes made for hiding the popover 731af9c
@Ravi1803 Ravi1803 Changes made for fixing the bug #2074 15caa59
@Keerthesh Keerthesh Modified MGSplitViewCOntroller for implementing global navigation 1ce904d
@Keerthesh Keerthesh Adding divider view between master and detail view controller in spli…
…t view controller
@Ravi1803 Ravi1803 Introduced new member variale to handle the portrait orientation for …
…board view
@nishant444jain nishant444jain Fixed orientation according to statusbar orientation 60ff487
@nishant444jain nishant444jain Fixed orientation for detail view dcd0c92
@nishant444jain nishant444jain Support both mode for board view also 820676f
@nishant444jain nishant444jain Support Orientation for board view also 61fffde
@PEZ PEZ Master view starts in full view 8b60058
@Keerthesh Keerthesh set proper value for MG_DEFAULT_SPLIT_WIDTH 7ddaf2d
@Ravi1803 Ravi1803 Unwanted delegate methods removed for popover d5923c2
@Keerthesh Keerthesh Handling orientation for iPhone 69e58b3
@Keerthesh Keerthesh Settings split width to 8 pixels for iPhone b8857f9
@Keerthesh Keerthesh Handling orientation while add comments view is presented and oriented 8f65227
@Keerthesh Keerthesh Resizing the split view controller when hiding the navigation bar to …
…support full screen in document view controller
@Keerthesh Keerthesh Removed unwanted code 8dd2926
@nishant444jain nishant444jain Change animation time e0916c9
Magnus Olsson Fixed compiler error cause 0ce2294
@jenshandersson jenshandersson Uninitiated variable c3ac878
Magnus Olsson Surpressing deprecation warning c624dad
@jenshandersson jenshandersson Made detail shadow into code, not image 5d083d3
@jenshandersson jenshandersson Revert "Made detail shadow into code, not image"
This reverts commit 5d083d3983dda8ab727e0feb56450a63d9a139de.
@kristoferp kristoferp Changed shadow image 8d9a899
@jenshandersson jenshandersson Removed dependency from PP code 8687074
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