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Tiles are no longer responsive to input while animated, to avoid acci…

…dental triggering. Close button only becomes active after the tile menu has fully appeared.
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@mattgemmell authored
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en.lproj Github
CloseButton.png Github
CloseButton.psd Github
CloseButton@2x.png Github
MGTileMenu-Info.plist Github
MGTileMenu-Prefix.pch Github
MGTileMenuController.h Comment tweaks.
MGTileMenuController.m Tiles are no longer responsive to input while animated, to avoid acci…
MGTileMenuDelegate.h Github
MGTileMenuView.h Github
MGTileMenuView.m Github
MLGAppDelegate.h Github
MLGAppDelegate.m Github
MLGViewController.h Github
MLGViewController.m Github
Text@2x.png Github
actions@2x.png Github
blue_gradient@2x.png Github
ellipsis@2x.png Github
gear@2x.png Github
green_gradient@2x.png Github
grey_gradient@2x.png Github
heart@2x.png Github
instinctivecode_logo.png Github
instinctivecode_logo@2x.png Github
key@2x.png Github
magnifier@2x.png Github
main.m Github
orange_gradient@2x.png Github
purple_gradient@2x.png Github
red_gradient@2x.png Github
scissors@2x.png Github
speech@2x.png Github
tilemenu_ellipsis .psd Github
twitter@2x.png Github
yellow_gradient@2x.png Github
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