non-existant NSDate call on iPhone platform #17

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ghost commented Apr 14, 2010

this causes compilation to fail with -Werror

was fixed in 3400870 but reverted by e775488 - no reason was given, so I'm not sure whether my own change will meet the criteria that the first fix failed.

iPhone OS not-with-standing, the current way this is done uses dateWithNaturalLanguageString:, which is described on the Apple docs with the following caveat:

This method supports only a limited set of colloquial phrases, primarily in English. It may give unexpected results, and its use is strongly discouraged.

I have changed this to use NSDateFormatter, as recommended by Apple.



Wrong format in that commit (at least for me), needs to be EEE MMM dd HH:mm:ss +0000 yyyy


Fixed in 7568a61.

This issue was closed.
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