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electric activity by US state

MIT-Lic Build Status

This repository contains all the code and data that went into my analysis of the electric usage in the United States by state.

###Directory Descriptions

  • code All of the python code used in the analysis
  • data All of the data sources used in the analysis
  • tableau the tableau workbooks used in the analysis. The workbooks and resulting dashboards can also be viewed on my Tableau Public page:

###File Descriptions

  • ####code
  • The main routine for combining and cleaning the data sets used in this analysis. There are no input arguments, and it contains just a few simple commands using the pandas and re libraries. Some examples are shown below.
    • To extract the data from the US Energy Information Administration used in the creation of the electricRatesByState201411.twb Tableau workbook:
import electricPrice as ep
dfr = ep.getEiaRates()

where dfe is a pandas DataFrame containing the entirety of the Table 5.06 B excel spreadsheet from the US EIA monthly reports.

- To read in the population data from the US Census Bureau that is in csv format as a pandas DataFrame:
import electricPrice as ep
dfp = ep.getUscbData()

- To calculate the average fraction of income spent on electric and save the results as a csv file to be imported into Tableau:
import electricPrice as ep
  • ####data

  • see data/ for file descriptions.

  • ####tableau

  • see tableau/ for file descriptions.

###License All code in this repository is licensed under an MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.


electric activity by US state







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