PowerPC64 and 64LE support #205

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ajdlinux commented Dec 15, 2016 edited

Would be very nice to get some 64-bit PPC compilers - both big and little endian. ppc64le is the primary target of all of IBM's POWER8/POWER9 Linux work these days.


ellcc could cover this and several other targets. See http://ellcc.org/


@androm3da thanks, never heard of ellcc! What exactly are the differences between ellcc and clang? I note that the list of targets on the website only lists ppc32, but it looks like there are release tarballs for ppc64 and ppc64le.

gcc and clang can also target ppc64 and ppc64le.


It's pretty easy to write PRs to add new compilers: mattgodbolt/compiler-explorer-image#7 for example installed the LDC compilers, and then a patch to add it to etc/config/*.properties is all that's needed.


I'll have a look at it soon, thanks!

ellcc commented Jan 5, 2017

Thanks for adding ellcc to godbolt.org. One minor nit: The pull down menu calls it elcc.
You can compile for ppc64 with "-target ppc64-linux" and ppc64le with "-target ppc64el-linux".


Should get fixed by #224

ajdlinux commented Jan 6, 2017

I'd still like to get gcc for ppc64, will try and submit a PR shortly


@ajdlinux are you still looking at doing that PR or is it okay if I have a crack at it?

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