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What is this?

This site pulls data from the Hamilton Fire Service's Twitter account, @HFS_Incidents. I thought it was great that HFS was providing this information, but I wanted to have a better idea where things were happening.

Why isn't it working?

HamOntFire was written when using the Twitter API version 1 was deprecated, but still live. Twitter has since fully removed API 1 in favour of 1.1. This means I'll have to get a site key and all that junk.

It's something I'm planning on doing; just not something I've done yet.

Who made this?

Matt Grande is a software developer from Hamilton, Ontario. He works in C# and Ruby on Rails. He is overweight and has bad hair.

Twitter | Blog | LinkedIn | StackOverflow | Email

What's the tech running it?

  • The site is programmed in C#
  • The web framework is ASP.Net MVC 3.0
  • Data is stored in RavenDB hosted by RavenHQ
  • Hosting is provided by AppHarbor
  • The tweets are pulled using the Twitter REST API. Yes, I'm still using Version 1. Yes, I know it's deprecated. Yes, I'm planning on jumping to Version 1.1. No, I'm not looking forward to it.
  • Geocoding & maps are provided by the Google Maps Places API.
  • Real time updating is provided by SignalR.
  • Graphs are provided by HighchartsJS.
  • Special thanks to Dylan Vester for his excellent article on creating heat maps with .Net.

How can I help?

Do you have a suggestion for a feature? Stumble across a bug? Either submit a bug, or fix it yourself! Download the code from GitHub.