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Drush Make, from Node.js?

Obviously, huge thanks to @rupl for the original idea, all of the front-end, the list of modules, the css.

Actually, everything except for this Node.js code.

Running this.

You'll need to run this from a location that has access to your git binary. You can alter this, by replacing `which git` with the path to your Git binary. The /modules route accepts a drupal version in X.x format, and then a module name, as it would appear on drupal.org. The Drupal version is optional; if left out, all versions of the module are returned.

  • /modules/7.x/views

Each select list is populated with the versions at select time.

Release Notes.

1.0.1 - Adding suppot for getting module information with drush pm-releases. Drupal version is now optional on the /modules route. Some semblance of error handling; check for e in the response object for a detailed response of what happened. Started keeping track of what I'm doing.

1.0.0 - Initial Commit