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⚠️ Currently rewriting this repo to use React 360, formerly known as React VR. Feel free to watch the repo when updates go out. More features on the way!

🐸 Frogger-React-VR

Play the game!

This is a proof-of-concept project and a recreation of Frogger using React VR.

How to Play

Use W, A, S, D keys on desktop to move around. On mobile, your character moves in the direction of the part of the screen you tap in. If you tap the top part of your screen, the frog will move forward. Tapping left moves the frog left, and so forth.


Download the project. Run yarn in the project directory. Run yarn start to run the app in development mode. Navigate to localhost:8081/vr/ in your browser to see it in action.

Alternatively, access the development server from your phone by opening if your local IP is If you are running this project on a Mac or Linux machine and do not know your local IP, you can run ifconfig in your terminal. Look for an IP that matches 192.169.1.*.

Learn ReactVR

If you are interested in learning about React VR, the following resources helped me to create this project:

  1. Awesome ReactVR

  2. Learn ReactVR

  3. React Native Animations Using the Animated API


All assets in the static_assets directory are Creative Commons licensed works (This excludes the frog model and material. You will need to download the frog assets in the list below or provide your own model.). The following is a list of asset used in this project:

  1. 3D Nature Pack - CC0 License
  2. 3D Landscape Assets v2 - CC0 License
  3. 3D Vehicles Assets v1 - CC0 License
  4. Blue Clouds Skybox - by OpenGameArt.org user Spiney. CC3 License
  5. Baby Frog