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Epub CSS Starter Kit

Creating epubs that work in multiple readers can be painful, like debugging web problems back in the glory days of ie6. Only this time there is no firebug.

Here's a css file to help alleviate the pain.

If you find that it doesn't work on a particular reader, please file an issue containing the following items:

  • Reader platform and version
  • Sample html
  • Sample css
  • Expected result

Some issues are ereader bugs. Some are css bugs. Ideally the css will look "good enough" on most devices. You can then take the css and tweak it for devices you want to focus on.


What platform is the focus of this effort? Oddly enough, the .mobi format for Kindle, is the least common denominator that we want to get working. Given that it has 70% of the market, it makes sense to put the effort there. Every effort has been made so that epubs using this css will generate clean mobi's with kindlegen.

The other platforms of significance are nook and ibooks, in that order. Any other platform is icing on the cake. Support for other platforms will be given provided they don't break the top 3 platforms. Otherwise it is suggested that these one off platforms be given custom css on top of the starter kit.



How you can help



MIT License