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An emacs minor mode for reporting inline on coverage stats for Python



  • python-coverage>=4.0


Put something like this in your .emacs

(require 'linum)
(require 'pycoverage)

(defun my-coverage ()
  (when (derived-mode-p 'python-mode)

I like to create a per project virtualenv. Use pip to install cov2emacs in that virtualenv.

$ source path/to/env/bin/activate
(env) $ cd pycoverage.el/cov2emacs
(env) $ pip install .

Use pyvenv mode to activate your virtualenv and you should be good to go.


Enable the mode by running:

M-x pycoverage-mode

There should be .coverage file in the directory of the module you want coverage reporting on (or the parents of that directory). Note that if your file has been modified later than the .coverage file, it will be considered as stale and ignore it.

Red highlights mean that lines were missed (Coverage percent for file is in mode line).

The mode-line should have one of the following updates:

  • pycov(...) - Tool is running
  • pycov:NUM% - Percentage covered. Should see red in fringe where coverage is missing
  • pycov(OLD) - .coverage file is older than current buffer. See refreshing results below
  • pycov(Err:no .coverage file) - There is no .coverage file. See refreshing results below

Refreshing Results

After you change buffer and save it, the coverage results are invalidated.

Re-gen the .coverage file (ie by running tests with coverage turned on.) Run pycoverage-refresh to update coverage results.


There is a .cov2emacs log file that should give hints as to what is going on