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A .NET client library for interacting with Mountebank. This project aims to reduce the amount of Mountebank knowledge required to create and configure imposters through a natural language interface.

A simple example:

await _client.CreateHttpImposter(4545, "My Imposter", imposter =>
		.OnPathAndMethodEqual("/customers/123", Method.Get)
		.ReturnsXml(HttpStatusCode.OK, new Customer { Email = "" });

To get started, read the documentation here.

NuGet Package

The library is available for install as a NuGet package.

The project currently targets .NET Standard 1.3, which is compatible with .NET Framework 4.6. If you need to use it in a project targeting an older framework version, such as .NET Framework 4.5, please use version 3.x of the package.

Upgrading from v4 (or earlier) to v5

There were a handful of breaking changes in v5 of the library. If you are planning to upgrade to v5, please take a look at the migration guide.

Unsupported Functionality

The following Mountebank functionality is not yet supported:

Pull requests are always welcome.



The following items are necessary in order to build and test the project:

  • .NET SDK 6.0
  • Mountebank or Docker Compose


To build the project, run the following from the root directory:

dotnet build


To run all tests, run the following from the root directory:

dotnet test

This includes a set of acceptance tests that run against an actual Mountebank instance. In order for those tests to succeed, Mountebank will need to be run with the --allowInjection and --debug options provided. See

If you would prefer to run Mountebank via docker, please execute the following command from the root directory: docker compose up

If you would like to just run the unit tests (which do not require Mountebank), run the following:

dotnet test --filter Category=Unit

Similarly, you can filter to only the acceptance tests using --filter Category=Acceptance.