MarsBaR region of interest toolbox for SPM
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This is the Marsbar repository.

Please see: for documentation, and for the code.


To run the tests from the development repository, don't forget:

git submodule init
git submodule update

to get the testing code.

Then make sure:

  • SPM is on the matlab path
  • /path/to/marsbar-repo/testing is on the matlab path


>> run_tests tests

from the repository home directory (the directory containing sub-directories testing and marsbar and marsbar_example_data).


There's a marsbar_example_data sub-directory, but this is only to store a few smaller files that will go into the marsbar data package. To reconstruct the marsbar example data, download and unpack the current marsbar example data somewhere (outside the repository working tree), copy the marsbar_example_data files into this tree, bump the version number in the directory name of the example data, and re-release.