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A trivial repo for playing with python script installation on windows
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myscripter Big old multi-install and test Jan 31, 2013


Playing with script installation

A tiny repository to play with script installation on windows in particular.

This code is copyright me, Matthew Brett, 2013. I release it under the CC0 license

To run the stuff here, you'll need a python on your path with virtualenv and setuptools installed.

Start with:


Then, on Unix:


or on Windows:


You should get something like this (on Unix):

Python starts at /Users/me/dev_trees/myscripter/venv_repo/bin/..
Python starts at /Users/me/dev_trees/myscripter/venv_sdist/bin/..
Console python starts at /Users/me/dev_trees/myscripter/venv_sdist/bin/..
Python starts at /Users/me/dev_trees/myscripter/venv_egg/bin/..
Console python starts at /Users/me/dev_trees/myscripter/venv_egg/bin/..
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