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The editor and compiler that almost makes it too easy.

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Crunch is part of a complete breakfast.

Installing Crunch

Grab the latest build from the builds folder. (It'll be a .air file.) Then you take that build and run it. RUN IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT. (Oh, btw, you'll need Adobe AIR installed to mean it.)

Loving Crunch

Go to and express your love for Crunch by clicking on the "Buy Us A Coffee" link and donating. Everyone who is awesome does this. Donations do things like pay for web hosting and buy us coffees. (Donations never buy us tea because that would be lying.)

Compiling Crunch From Source

If you are a HTML/CSS/JS whiz, and you want to tinker with the source code like a boss, it's pretty freakin' easy. First, grab a local copy of the Crunch repo, or your forked copy. (If you are already lost, then recognize that the word "easy" is relative.)

Second, download the Adobe AIR SDK. Once you set up a path to the AIRSDK /bin folder, you can run "adl application.xml" in your local /Crunch folder, and viola, you will be running a full version of Crunch FROM YOUR VERY OWN CODE.

You can change JavaScript files, CSS files, even the HTML files that define the Crunch User Interface 3000™.

But Wait, There's More

If you fix bugs listed in Github open issues, you can become a Crunch Contributor or a Crunchibutor™ and do a pull request to stick those fixes right back in into the Crunch code. Note: if the Github issue is a feature request, the pull request may not be accepted, depending on our Crunch World Domination Plan™, so ask us first or check for a "ReadyToImplement" label.

Testing Crunch

You've fixed something? Great! Now test it. Test on Mac. Test on Windows. Run our nifty little Less-to-CSS test.

Learn how

Who Is Currently Awesome?

Crunch was made by two Matts, named Matt and Matt. Crunch is now maintained by an awesome team of Crunch Individuals, or Crunchviduals™. They are:

  • Matthew Dean
  • Nir Azuelos
  • Michael Norton
  • Brandon Labbé
  • Andrew Matecha
  • Mark Sandhu
  • Romel Dris
  • Mark Campbell
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