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Realtime Visualization and Interaction Toolkit
Python GLSL
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rvit is a python package that provides a Realtime Visualization and Interaction Toolkit.


This is a standard python package, so you can use it through the normal dependancy toolchain, by adding 'rvit @ git+', as a dependancy to your install_requires in The sample used by the quickstart project has:

        'rvit @ git+',
        'kivy @ git+',

Then import it as needed.

The core functionality is provided through the package rvit.core, with widgets in rvit.core.widgets. Rvit builds upon kivy, but does not needlessly wrap this functionality - you can access it through kivy packages as if you were building a kivy project. The quickstart project demonstrates how to set up an application and use a .kv file to arrange a gui. Further documentation about the Kv file format can be found in the kivy documentation:


If you want a base project to build from, you can install a quickstart project plus all the dependencies using cookiecutter.

You will need Python 3.5 or later first. If you do not already have this on your system, you can get it from, or by using your system's package manager.

Next, install pip and virtualenv - you can do this through a package manager such as apt, emerge, or brew, if you have one. For example, with emerge:

sudo emerge --ask dev-python/pip virtualenv

Alternatively, there are complete instructions for installing virtualenv and pip here:

Create a virtualenv and install dependencies:

virtualenv env && source ./env/bin/activate && pip install cookiecutter

If you have already activated a virtualenv, and you need to reinstall a fresh virtualenv and example code, you can run this command instead:

deactivate && rm -rf rvit_example env && virtualenv env && source ./env/bin/activate && pip install cookiecutter

Create, install, and run an example application:

cookiecutter -f --no-input gh:flaviusb/rvit-template && pip install -U --upgrade-strategy eager -e rvit_example && rvit_example
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