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A free, extensible, cross-platform file manager for power users

FreeMAN with open integrated terminal


  • Quick, clean, dual-paned file-system navigation with a strong keyboard-led focus
  • Integrated terminal per navigation pane for those things a file explorer just can't do
  • Focus on customisability to tailor it to the user's whims
  • Quick navigation with a Go To box


  • Tighter integration between navigation and integrated terminals
  • Further behaviour to be customisable
  • Extending usefulness of the Go To and Commands boxes


  • Core application ready for beta use
  • Out-of-the-box plugins ready for beta use
  • Core application ready for production use
  • Out-of-the-box plugins ready for production use

The core application is ready for beta use, supporting Linux and Windows OS's. Feel free to set up electron-builder for MacOS and make a PR.

Getting started

npm install
npm start

If you want, you can add user-specific settings files, e.g. freeman.keys.json like so:

touch {userData}/freeman.keys.json

{userData} above refers to Electron's app.getPath("userData") location, (which depends on whether the application is running in a development or production environment). Example files can be found in the ./resources/ folder.


If you would like to package / install the program, on Windows and Linux you can:

npm run package

Then run the appropriate built executable.


During development, after compiling you can:

npm run start

After packaging, you can run the system-dependent executable outputted by electron-builder in the ./dist/ folder.


An overview of the codebase can be found in the docs. If you find it helpful, you can npm run docs and open the generated docs/generated/index.html file. Please let me know if you find this useful.


Providing the --verbose or -V command-line argument will make the application log in more detail, helping trace execution when using the packaged app. Logs of warnings and errors can be found at {appData}/log.log.

How to contribute

Contributions are welcome! Work on the core application is still under way. There are numerous areas with room for improvement in usability and stability. My priorities for development are currently:

  • Core functionality
  • Plugin functionality (starting with out-of-the-box ones)
  • Appearance

I'll take whatever pull requests, issues, contributors and PMs I can get! Please have a look at the Contributing Guidelines before submitting a PR.