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Highest ranking bots for Two Sigma's Halite II Competition
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Using your starter kit

All starter kits should contain a and run_game.bash, you can use these scripts to quickly run a game of halite. By default, this script runs the basic Settler bot against itself.

Bot submission guidelines

Before submitting a bot, make sure you adhere to our guidelines, or the upload or compilation of your bot will fail.

  1. You should have a MyBot.{extension for language} in the root folder of your zip. For Rust, this should be a cargo.toml
  2. If you are building on top of starter kit provided by us, make sure to include the hlt folder.

Uploading your bot

  • Website: You can use the play page in the Halite website to submit your bot.
  • Halite Client: If you want a command line experience, you can use the Halite Client tool to upload your bot.
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