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A Short Course on LaTeX for Linguists

This repository contains the code and associated files for a Short Course on LaTeX for Linguists which I taught with Robert Henderson at the University of California, Santa Cruz Department of Linguistics in the Fall of 2009. No updates have been made to these materials since then, but they are of some use to people, still, so they are preserved here for posterity.

File Contents

  • #.tex & #.pdf: source files and resulting pdfs for seven demonstrative LaTeX documents. Viewing them in sequence is the course.
  • demobib.bib: A sample bibliography for use with Lesson 7.
  • english5stepcorrect.eps & waveform.eps: Sample images for use in Lesson 6.
  • errmessage.png: A screenshot of the best error ever from LaTeX.
  • ucscling.sty: A style file I wrote in 2009 that provides an example of personal macro customization loaded as a package.
  • rootsAndFixedProsody_FINAL.tex: a text of a paper I wrote in 2009/10 which provides an example of a maximally complex LaTeX document.
  • latexexamples.tex: a set of example syntax trees using pst-jtree

Course Contents:

  1. Basic LaTeX document structure, /maketitle
  2. Font formatting, font sizes
  3. LaTeX sectioning commands
  4. Math mode, columns, and equations
  5. Tables, footers, centering, OT Tableaux
  6. Images, floats, and figures
  7. BibTeX and references


A short course on LaTeX for linguists.



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