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A simple Windows Forms Restaurant Kiosk for my C# class Final Project
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C# Restaurant Kiosk

A simple Windows Forms Restaurant Kiosk for my C# class Final Project

This was a group project between myself and two other students for my Intro to C# class at a community college. We had a week and a half to make a kiosk for an Italian restaurant using Windows Forms. The goal was to demonstrate an understanding of multi-form applications, control structures, teamwork, and how code translates into user applications.

I lead the team, created the Food class, and designed many of the functions. Bryan Macoy designed the user interface and finished a lot of the functions. Medhanit Getaneh cleaned and completed a lot of the functions.

They both used Visual Studio on Windows 10, while I used MonoDevelop on a GNU-Linux system. This was our first time working on a collaborative project and our first time working cross-platform. While not perfect, it serves as a learning experience and the first project we ever worked on

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