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#Webtop# ##(like top, but more web-3.0™ ) This is nothing more than a lark, written as an introduction to node - my logic was something like "I don't like UI, or users, but I want to stream real-time data to a bunch of clients. Hm. Top! Also, Amit did something using paper.js." So webtop invokes top, parses the output, and sends it to browsers (using socket.io), whereupon the cpu usage per process is displayed in a nice graph. Sans units or labels, because that's just not web-3.0™. Depends on beeline, socket.io, functional.js*, and paper.js. Grab a copy of paper and place it in static/ to run...

* An interesting library that I just forked, because it was super abandoned and had a stupid Rakefile. Makes js much more tolerable...