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Been Pwned for the Google Assistant

This is the code powering the Google Assistant app "Been Pwned" which use's Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned? API to determine if a given email address or website has been compromised. The two folders here contain two distinct but functionally inditical implementations of fulfillment for Dialogflow, one using the Actions on Google v2 client library and the other using Dialogflow's Fulfillment library.

Try it out

Say Talk to been pwned to any Google Assistant device or click here

Dialogflow setup

  1. Sign up for or sign into Dialogflow
  2. Create a Dialogflow agent
  3. Restore the zip file

Fulfillment Setup: Dialogflow Inline Editor (option 1)

  1. Enable the Cloud Function for Firebase inline editor
  2. Copy this code in functions/index.js the index.js file in the Dialogflow Cloud Function for Firebase inline editor.
  3. Copy this code in functions/package.json the package.json file in the Dialogflow Cloud Function for Firebase inline editor.
  4. Click Deploy

Fulfillment Setup: Firebase CLI (option 2)

  1. cd to the functions directory
  2. Run npm install
  3. Install the Firebase CLI by running npm install -g firebase-tools
  4. Login to your Google account with firebase login
  5. Add your project to the sample with firebase use [project ID] find your project ID here
  6. Run firebase deploy --only functions:dialogflowFirebaseFulfillment
  7. Paste the URL into your Dialogflow agent's fulfillment and click Save