Change your background to a random wallpaper on Reddit.
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ReddWall sets your wallpaper to a random image from one of the many Reddit wallpaper subreddits.

What it Does

On the first run, ReddWall will find a random wallpaper from /r/wallpapers and minimize to the status bar. By default, it will select a new wallpaper every 1 hour. This behavior can be changed in the preferences window that can be opened by clicking the ReddWall icon in the status bar.


Running from Source

To run from source, first make sure you have Git, Python 2.7, setuptools, and wxPython 2.7 installed. Then, clone the repo:

git clone

and install it using the script:

python2 install

Reporting Issues

This program has not been tested on many different platforms. The cross platform toolkits used (wxWidgets, Python, and PRAW) mean that it should work without a problem. However, problems are bound to arise. If you have any issues with ReddWall, please file an issue and I'll be sure to get back to you.