Web-based File Manager with Rich Text editor integration
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A rails plugin that provides a basic file browser. The primary use
case for this plugin is:

* To manage a directory of files includes subdirectories
* To integration with products like CKEditor for selecting files.

Guiding Principals:

* No database required
* Multiple backends (filesystem, S3, etc.) - Filesystem only currently
* Pluggable integration with 3rd party products such as CKEditor

Possible Future Features:

* Launcher can specify only certain file types to show
  (images only, only certain extensions, etc.)
* Allow basic image manipulation (resize, crop, etc.)
* File upload progress monitoring (for large files)
* Icon previews (mainly for images show thumbnail for icon)


In your Gemfile add:

    gem 'file_browser'

In an initializer add:

    FileBrowser.storages[:local] =
      FilesystemStorage.new Rails.root.join('public/uploaded_files')

Change the above path to be wherever you want to write files. Also make
sure that directory is writable by the application.

Copy the assets to your public directory. This will likely later be
automated as Rails adds support.

Finally point your browser to /local/uploaded_files/index and start
managing your files via the web.

See example_integrations directory for how to integrate with 3rd party
tools such as CKEditor.


By default the app will use the "file_browser" layout. Obviously your
can override that in your application if you want. If you want it to
use the same layout as your main layout simply symlink
file_browser.html.erb to your application.html.erb file. If you use
your own layout make sure that it includes the prototype library and
that it yields to the symbol :file_browser_footer.

You can have multiple storage repositories that can be registered and
accessed. See FileBrowser#storages for more info.


This gem was developed by Eric Anderson (http://pixelwareinc.com) while
developing projects under Red Tusk Studios (http://redtusk.com).