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Lazy hack to run under rubinius.

PositionedToken (and its superclass, Token) violate LSP on initialize,
which trips up rbx's String#downcase.

The #to_s should probably be measurably earlier than this; without
thinking it through a great deal, I think we leak Tokens to places that
should really only be seeing the underlying String.
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1 parent d0fb867 commit 7b5ddfea170c7734dcd4b6577e70a4071c73df2e @matthewd committed Oct 23, 2010
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@@ -7,6 +7,9 @@ def token tok
+class Syntax::Token
+ def downcase; to_s.downcase; end
class PositionedToken < Syntax::Token
attr_accessor :position
def initialize data, group, position

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